Yes, I know that I've got a few screws loose in my head. Music keeps me grounded and reading gives me an escape. Tattoos and piercings are cool~
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Bruhhh homecoming was great ^-^ It’s weird to actually know some tolerable people haha kinda contrasts everywhere I’ve ever lived ✌️ My date was a perfect gentleman, so sweet and ugh c: It’s nice to actually be happy… Sometimes I wonder, y’know, when was the last time I got butterflies in my stomach and felt like I was walking on air just from basking in a person’s presence? Agh I feel like a horrible person but I know I’m lucky he cares so much. I almost feel like I deserve it too, like he’s not exaggerating or lying with compliments, I don’t feel guilty for him liking me, all these things that I’ve never believed before… It’s so new and it’s scary, like falling over a cliff and never seeing the bottom but trusting that you’ll survive. It’s kind of amazing.